[linux-audio-dev] jack_fst: a JACK client to run VST's

torbenh at informatik.uni-bremen.de torbenh at informatik.uni-bremen.de
Tue Apr 20 16:04:25 UTC 2004

On Mon, Apr 19, 2004 at 07:12:00PM -0700, Michael Ost wrote:
> Our Wine based VST hosting app is doing much better with very recent
> Wine's: we are happy with the April 4th build. Most of the compatibility
> issues are with GUIs.
> Also if you're using threading, they recommend a not-too-recent 2.3.2
> glibc to help with threading issues. We are using 2.3.2-4.80.8 and it
> looks good so far. Apparently getting threading to work between wine and
> glibc has been tricky.

so are you actually doing the same as libfst ?

torben Hohn
http://galan.sourceforge.net -- The graphical Audio language

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