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Thu Apr 22 09:46:39 UTC 2004

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   dyne.org laboratorio di software libero autoprodotto, presenta:

          _                    _           _ _        _   _____ 
       __| |_   _ _ __   ___ _| |__   ___ | (_) ___  / | |___ / 
      / _` | | | | '_ \ / _ (_) '_ \ / _ \| | |/ __| | |   |_ \ 
     | (_| | |_| | | | |  __/_| |_) | (_) | | | (__  | |_ ___) |
      \__,_|\__, |_| |_|\___(_)_.__/ \___/|_|_|\___| |_(_)____/ 
            |___/                           codename DYNE:TRAX

   this is RASTA SOFTWARE, Jah Rastafari Livity bless your freedom!

              FREE DOWNLOAD of the RAW ISO CD IMAGE
           ___ _ _   _ http://dynebolic.org _ __  ___ __
           ___ _ _   _ http://dynebolic.org _ __  ___ __
           ___ _ _   _ http://dynebolic.org _ __  ___ __
           ___ _ _   _ http://dynebolic.org _ __  ___ __
            632 MBytes of free software operating system
            download available in bittorrent, ftp, http


   Dyne:bolic GNU/Linux is a live bootable cd, containing a whole
   operating system working straight from boot, without the need to
   install or change anything on the hard disk. You can try it out very
   easily and if you like it you can simply copy a directory on your
   harddisk and run it locally.
   Dyne:bolic is user-friendly, recognizes your hardware devices (sound,
   video, firewire, and USB), and offers a VAST range of free software
   applications for multimedia production, audio and video streaming,
   sound composition and synthesis, 3D modeling, photography, peer2peer
   filesharing, web browsing, desktop publishing, word processing, cd
   burning, email, encryption, remote conferencing and even more.
   It also includes many games and a world atlas navigator.
   It does automatic clustering, joining the CPU power between any other
   dyne:bolic on the local network.
   Last but not least: it works on modded XBOX game consoles.

   Dyne:bolic is shaped on the needs of media activists and artists to
   stimulate the production and not only the fruition of digital and
   analog informations. It takes birth as a grassroot effort to spread
   free software and the spirit of sharing information and knowledge.


   First of all the audio streaming system offered by dyne:bolic is
   completely revamped, now featuring new versions of MuSE and Icecast
   it offers the possibility to stream your radio using the 100% free
   protocol Ogg/Vorbis also at the same time as mp3 for a smooth
   transition for your listeners.

   Then we have a major bugfix contributed by Richard Griffith which
   fixes outstanding bugs in harddisk and USB nesting.

   Also thanks to Isazi for his help compiling Audacity-1.2, we have
   upgraded this audio editing studio to a new major release offering
   much more stability and precision, plus hundreds of audio effects!

   It follows a juicy update of some major softwares like Blender and
   Cinelerra, plus the new AviDemux video editor, which together with
   the versatile LiVES software by Salsaman complete the spectrum of
   approaches available now for free software video editing.

   Here it follows the detailed ChangeLog:
   = 1.3 update & bugfix "DYNE:TRAX"
     - bug fix to nesting
     - updated software: Audacity-1.2, dvgrab-1.5, MuSE-0.9,
       Kino-0.6.5, Blender-2.32, Cinelerra-1.1.9, Icecast2,
       litestream-1.2, XChat-2.0.8, FreeJ-0.6.1-cvs
     - new software: Avidemux-2.0.22, Ghostscript-7.05
     - new games: Gnu Arcade Volley
     - mufhd0

:: UPDATE YOUR DOCK! <--- important for who's allready using version 1.2

   Remember that if you docked dyne:bolic copying the dyne/ directory on
   your harddisk, now you need to update it copying over the new CD's
   directory in order to upgrade the system!
   You'll find more informations about docking in the dynebolic user's
   manual available on http://dyne.org/~jaromil/dynebolic-man/html


   Hey! check out the Spot's Perspective On Technology

   this new funky place on the net hosts some interesting tutorials on
   how to use certain advanced functions of dyne:bolic, exploiting its
   capabilities, see: http://spot.river-styx.com/linkage.php

   plus there's a lot more of documentation and FAQ answered on the
   WIKI: http://lab.dyne.org/DynebolicFaq

   This software is about Resistance ina babylon world which tries to  
   control and limit the way we communicate and we share informations
   and knowledge.
   This software is for all those who cannot afford to have the latest
   expensive hardware to speak out their words of consciousness and good
   This software is free, Jah Rastafari Livity bless your freedom!
   You should share this software for the good of yourself and your
   people, respect others and let them express, be free and let others  
   be free. You are welcome to redistribute dyne:bolic in any way you   
   like, to your friends and neighbours, to anybody who needs or is just
   curious to try.


   IF dyne:bolic can be useful for you, you can also be useful to
   dyne:bolic! consider the possibility to get involved with
   development, contribute artwork and ideas, help with debugging and
   documenting and anything else can come to you in mind.

   ->>>> BUG REPORT ONLINE INTERFACE: http://bugs.dyne.org
   ->>>> JOIN OUR MAILINGLIST: mailto:dynebolic-subscribe at dyne.org
   ->>>> CONTRIBUTE DOCUMENTATION: http://lab.dyne.org/DyneBolic (wiki)

   Furthermore, please consider that the dyne:bolic project is an
   indypendent effort relying on support from non-profit, grant-making
   and business organizations willing to sustain development of free and
   opensource software like this.

   Dyne:bolic relies on support from individuals like you to preserve,
   protect and promote the freedom it gives to its users.

   If you find dyne:bolic useful, please make a donation today.

   If you have a job (the author of dyne:bolic doesn't!), please
   encourage your company to become a patron of the dyne:bolic project.

   If you redistribute it, please give us some shares on sells: you'll
   be happy to see the new versions coming out.

   If you work for a grant-making, cultural or non-governmental
   organization, please consider the use you can make of dyne:bolic and
   the help you can give to free and open source software development by
   supporting it.

   We hope you understand the importance of all this to keep ongoing our
   ecosystem of generosity, after all not much is needed to make it
   exist and even a small contribution thru paypal is good - just
   imagine that if all users give just 5$ to the author he could be
   surviving one year developing full time!
   if you want to be one just click the DONATE button on dynebolic.org


   THANKS for understanding the way we're all trying to keep on this
   project, out of any well known business scheme, believing that there
   can be a way to develop and distribute free software which is based
   on generosity and doesn't speaks the merchantile language of

   THANKS to people helping spotting bugs and making dyne:bolic better,
   for this version especially Kysucix, Abesto Molesto, Gambino,
   Salsaman and all the FreakNet Medialab.

   THANKS for donations received from:
   wirelapse.net, zack fosdyck, Christian Hobden, Vincent Steeb, Keith
   Perkins, Tony Muscara, William Harris, Richard Roland, Jake Rayson,
   Philip Goembel, Robert Cauthorn,  Mark Miller, Jim McCracken, Marco
   Smeriglio, John Stanton.

   if you find all this useful, even a small 5 euros won't hurt :) just
   fo on paypal.com and put your dime in the hat for jaromil at dyne.org

   thanks! a thousand flowers will blossom!

- -- 
 jaromil,  dyne.org rasta coder,  http://rastasoft.org

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