[linux-audio-dev] Latest release of FreqTweak

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Sat Apr 24 18:07:32 UTC 2004

> Anouncing version 0.6.0 of FreqTweak.
>    http://freqtweak.sourceforge.net
> New in this release are spectral filter Modulators, which can animate
> and modulate any of the filters automatically in several ways.
> If you thought FreqTweak was fun before, be prepared for hours of
> audio mayhem. 

Arghhhh! I have tons of things I _have_ to do and you come up with this
NOW? :-) :-P :-) 

>  See the webpage (and the software) for details.
> Just in time for the ZKM/LAD conference in Karlsruhe :) 

Yeah, and now I will have less time to prepare... :-)

> Please report any problems compiling this release on your various
> platforms to me, and as always report any bugs or feature requests to
> freqtweak-user at lists.sourceforge.net (you must subscribe first).

Feature request... an option to make the randomization +/- to what the
current curve is set to (so that bringing "Max Val" down to 0 leaves the
original curve untouched). 

Very neat... will be in the Planet CCRMA repository very soon. 
-- Fernando

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