[linux-audio-dev] searching a audio-server application

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Tue Apr 27 10:36:20 UTC 2004

>(sorry for cross posting)
>hi folx,
>i am new at this list. so this ist my premier question. :)
>is there an application, that can solve the following problem:
>1. run as a server-process
>2. load some midi-data in it and create a virtual midi-track with
>   this data
>3. put an instrument on this track with a defined preset
>4. render the whole track into an audio-format (i.e. wav, aif)
>5. compress this in ogg/mp3
>6. save and close the song

its not a "server process" per se, but timidity will render midi->PCM,
and then you can run the encoder of your choice. because (1) this is a
unix-like operating system and (2) just about every tool you can think
of is available at no cost, there tends not to be a single
monolithic program to do this. it would be more typical to use other
tools, such as shell scripts and so forth, to link existing tools
together.  for example:


	   timidity $1 && oggenc $1.wav && rm -f $1.wav

more work would be required to point timidity at the desired
samples/soundfonts you wanted to use. of course, if you are talking
about trying to use a VST/i, its a whole different story.

>the same should be possible with an audio-track instead of an
>midi-track. but here i don't want to put an instrument but an
>plug on it. 

you haven't defined what kind of plugin you mean. for LADPSA,
applyplugin will do the job. for VST, we haven't written such a tool
yet, but its less than a day's work to get a cmdline tool for that working.

>	     just imagin that you have a virtual, full-remote-
>automatable cubase-server. :)

i can't imagine what that would mean, to be honest.


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