[linux-audio-dev] Re: FreeVSTi Compatibility List / VSTserver & FST

Christian Frisson theremin at free.fr
Tue Apr 27 17:32:23 UTC 2004


Jan Depner <eviltwin69 at cableone.net> said:

> Hey, chill.  Sometimes people are busy.  Someone will eventually get
> around to answering (if I knew anything about it I would ;-)  The way I
> see it is that people who test are indispensable to the development
> effort.

Seemingly YELLING makes you deserve (sometimes) more attention... ;-)
I know it's not the best behaviour at all, but it does really ooze your mind
when you write 1-hour formerly recipient-free messages!

I could have posted the original message, even if it is by now not complete, on
the LAU list, but it seemed to my opinion to have aroused more techy questions.
Waiting for advice (not compliments) on how to deal with the next part...

> Now, on to more important things...  Do you actually play the theremin?

It's been years I'm considering it!
What about you?
I knew choosing such an email address would make someone wonder about it... As
you may have guessed, provided my reactions above, I'm fairly young and still a
student, alone (physically at least) on the tracks of Libre software and musical
science or scientific music... and the Theremin is definitely the instrument
that has defined my career goals, a passion initially.
Hence the homage alias!

That's ironic: I've unearthed this topic no later than at the beginning of this
month, but my single thread called "Theremin-style controller (residual
"PdDSP?")" has been drowned among others:
Was it misplaced, not stealthed between the other threads I'd mean, but
mailinglist-wise: LAU, music-dsp...?

Four years ago, I chose to go for it as the topic of my preparation class to
engineering school thesis. I used a pitch-only Theremin borrowed from a friend
for the presentation. Since then I couldn't manage to buy one, as nothing on the
market has pleased me; or build one, due to an everlasting hesitation on the
technology to be used (tubes, transistors; capacitive, infrared...).
Now I'm struggling to continue this unfinished work.

I'll have a website and a LaTeX project presentation up and running for this
Theremin-style controller, both in french and english.
(For what my email address was initially made: http://theremin.free.fr)
I'll send you the 5-page document, when translated, if you want. I'll definitely
make announcements on lists too.

But I think I've changed my mind on what I said earlier on one reply to "PdDSP?":

Mr.Freeze wrote:
> I'm planning to build a special controller based on the Theremin, with MIDI
> and/or CV outs. All material released for free: schematics, software... 

I trust on Libre software, but wouldn't see my work being sold by others without
my consent. I definitely want to have my word on all mods too. Another
derivative license in mind?

Thinking of having my own mailing-list and a suscription-only Wiki instead of a
What would best fit?

Christian Frisson

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