[linux-audio-dev] RFC: Disposable Soft Synth Interface

Tim Goetze tim at quitte.de
Fri Apr 30 16:18:35 UTC 2004

[Steve Harris]

>On Thu, Apr 29, 2004 at 12:32:14 +0200, Tim Goetze wrote:
>> i'm not too intimate with liblo/OSC, so sorry for asking an RTFM
>> question: does OSC provide some sort of alternative, textual
>> representation of configuration options?
>I dont think I understand the question, but you can do something like:
># lo_send /DSSI/id/configure ss "load" "myfile.dat"
>for example, or the equvalent in SC, Pd, python etc.

OK, this makes things a little clearer. i'm still looking for ways to
do without the GUI, so the question becomes: are the contents of
"myfile.dat" in a plugin-specific format or is it supposed to be a
common format -- something like a simple list of key<->value pairings
as passed to configure()? and are DSSI plugins supposed to come with
a sample commented "myfile.dat" or alternatively a data sheet
explaining configuration options?


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