[linux-audio-dev]converting old pc hardware to a live music performance

Green green at commonsound.com
Mon May 3 15:59:21 UTC 2004

I've also been playing around with real-time audio fx using 
a VIA mainboard and MIDI for the controls..

Here's some documentation of a project I did with this:
(ecasound, analog controls->MIDI, ladspa effects...)

One obstacle I've had is boot time! It's annoying to have
to wait 30 seconds for the thing to boot, and if the power is
interrupted during a live preformance..ugh.
Sure I could pare down a little more the init.d, but how do
pro embedded systems boot in a matter of seconds?

Mounting the fs read-only is a good idea, but does anyone
have other tips for making it more like an old-time
analog fx unit (power-on==>instant sound, power-off==>no harddisk damage)?

BTW, i'm new to this list, I searched and browsed the archives a bit
but didn't find this discussion... please direct me if this has already
been talked about!


>I have a live performance setup I use with my band. I
>used one of those tiny VIA motherboards and a Midiman
>UNO usb <-> midi adapter.
>It seems like it's a good idea to use a flash card and
>that's what I did at first, but flash cards peter out
>after a certain number of writes. If you want to go
>that route, I'd suggest maybe having the partitions
>mounted read-only.

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