[linux-audio-dev] (web-based) interactive sound art?

Niklas Werner bergtroll at gmx.li
Tue May 4 06:26:22 UTC 2004

Hi .*,

I am doing my PhD at the University of Waikato's Music Department, NZ with 
Ian Whalley.
I am going to develop a Web-based interactive sound art system allowing 
composers/players to incorporate aesthetic approaches from electronic 
music, net.art, sonic art and soundscapes.

I am trying to get away from using MIDI in favour of OSC and direct DSP on 
the audio (That's why I'm thinking of using SuperCollider). I will direct 
much attention to the musical quality of the system's output, possibly in 
exchange for not getting a decent interface done.

Features will basically be:
- "off-line" interface for composers to create sound art 
pieces/installation for the web (this is where there must be a framework 
to allow "composition" of the Net's peculiarities (latency, jitter, 
interaction between the players, etc...) in addition to the usual musical 
- on-line interface for "players" to mess around with the installation 
- All that probably in a p2p approach using a server only for net-address 

An outdated proposal of this can be found at:

Is anybody already working on such a beast (or similar, of course) or 
knows anybody who is? (I am aware of quintet-net, peersynth, FMOL, 
jam2jam, webdrum/JSyn, Dase, Lemu and some others and have contacted 
their authors)

Is SuperCollider really up to that challenge or does another programming 
language spring to anybody's mind?

Have fun*


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