[linux-audio-dev] (web-based) interactive sound art?

Francois Dechelle Francois.Dechelle at ircam.fr
Tue May 4 13:31:23 UTC 2004

Le mar 04/05/2004 à 12:59, Robert Jonsson a écrit :
> Another interesting thing is the Blender game engine. In the latest Blender 
> release the game engine was re-enabled (it was disabled since it relied on 
> proprietary libraries, since then they where aparently opened up).
> It was a long time since I looked at this, but I remember there was a browser 
> plugin for it. I don't know if the plugin has reemerged yet, I guess it will 
> though. In any case, it seemed possible to do quite remarkable things with 
> it.

There is a browser plugin, but it is not supported for now:


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