[linux-audio-dev] (web-based) interactive sound art?

Pall Thayer palli at pallit.lhi.is
Wed May 5 13:57:10 UTC 2004

It would be nice if SVG became more widespread. I wonder why Mozilla doesn't 
include it in the normal releases. Since the source is available, it couldn't 
be too difficult to make a free plugin version, could it? There was talk 
about IBM trying to talk Sun into open-sourcing Java but what with Suns new 
marriage to Microsoft, I don't see that happening anytime in the near future. 
Flash is totally proprietary and probably little or no possibility of making 
anything free out of it. I'll have to take a look at blender. Didn't know it 
did interactive stuff too. Thought it was just a 3d editor. Looks potentially 
cool. Even though the browser plugin development isn't doing anything, it 
looks to me like you could do multi-user networked stuff in it, distribute it 
as a standalone and eliminate the need for the browser. Very interesting 

best regards,

On Wednesday 05 May 2004 12:04, Francois Dechelle wrote:
> I agree completely.
> From what we have discussed, here are the possibilities, correct me if I
> am wrong:
> - Flash: no way, proprietary (is it possible to write a free plug-in? I
> think it is not)
> - Java: current plug-in is proprietary (Sun or IBM). I will investigate
> to see if Java free implementation (CLASSPATH, gcj, Kaffe, Eclipse and
> others) provide a free browser plug-in
> - SVG: no free plug-in now, support for mozilla but only when compiled
> inside Mozilla
> - Blender: plug-in development is in standby
> Looks like there is a need for free software here...
> fd
> Le mer 05/05/2004 à 11:00, Pall Thayer a écrit :
> > Don't get me wrong. I don't see this as a flame war. These are very
> > valid points that have been brought up and this sheds some light on the
> > state of free, non-proprietary media for the web today. I truly wish
> > there were viable non-proprietary ways of creating rich media that could
> > utilize the pre-installed plugins that come with most browsers, such as
> > flashplayer and javaVM. But sadly this is not the case so I feel forced
> > to take the proprietary route. As far as OGG is concerned, I do plan to
> > switch to it in about a year or so. The way things are going it looks
> > like it will be pretty wide-spread by that time.
> >
> > Pall

Pall Thayer

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