[linux-audio-dev] (web-based) interactive sound art?

Francois Dechelle Francois.Dechelle at ircam.fr
Wed May 5 15:12:14 UTC 2004

Le mer 05/05/2004 à 15:57, Pall Thayer a écrit :
> It would be nice if SVG became more widespread. I wonder why Mozilla doesn't 
> include it in the normal releases. Since the source is available, it couldn't 
> be too difficult to make a free plugin version, could it?

Yes, probably, but there are certainly some hidden difficulties,
otherwise I don't understand why it is done inside Mozilla and not as a

>  There was talk 
> about IBM trying to talk Sun into open-sourcing Java but what with Suns new 
> marriage to Microsoft, I don't see that happening anytime in the near future. 

And Sun said 'No!' to IBM letter asking for freeing Java. The only
possibility is with the Java free implementations, but there is one big
problem: the graphic toolkit. There are free implementations of java
virtual machine, there are free implementations of java runtime, except
for the Swing toolkit. The free alternative is SWT from the Eclipse
project, but the API is different. So if you have a graphical user
interface that runs inside the browser using the java plug-in and the
Swing toolkit, no way.

> [...]


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