[linux-audio-dev] [ANN] AlsaModularSynth 1.8.1

Matthias Nagorni mana at suse.de
Fri May 7 09:32:31 UTC 2004


a new version of AlsaModularSynth is available from Sourceforge.

Note: Remember to download the latest version of the LADSPA plugins by 
      Fons Adriaensen: http://users.skynet.be/solaris/linuxaudio
      Otherwise the latest instrument patches just won't work !


- Added hplp_instrument.ams which demonstrates the new highpass filter by 
  Fons Adriaensen. Due to the HPLP combination, the presets of this patch 
  are quite close to some of the famous "Switched-On Bach" sounds by W. Carlos.
- Added sinfonia.mid for your own experiments with hplp_instrument.ams
- Fixed bug in LADSPA module where uninitialized output control ports have 
  caused segfaults. 
- Several small corrections in demo patches.

For more news check the respective section on the project page.

Have fun !


Dr. Matthias Nagorni
SuSE Linux AG
Maxfeldstr. 5             phone: +49 911 74053375
D - 90409 Nuernberg       fax  : +49 911 74053483

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