[linux-audio-dev] API for Input / Output plugins

Eric Dantan Rzewnicki rzewnickie at rfa.org
Thu May 13 21:39:56 UTC 2004

On Thu, May 13, 2004 at 10:51:53PM +0200, J_Zar wrote:
> Alle 00:01, mercoled? 12 maggio 2004, Paul Davis ha scritto:
> > >	Besides I see around the LADSPA API for sound processing but nothing si
> > >milar
> > >for input / output.
> > for audio file I/O, libsndfile takes care of that rather nicely, thank
> > you, and there are an ever growing number of programs that use it. its
> > even gaining popularity in the non-linux world. its hard to see any
> > reason to even think about a different API.
> >
> > --p
> Well... To be onestly sndfile does not support Ogg and will never support Mp3. 
> These two formats are maybe the 40/50% of the whole audio stuff. Ok but Mad 
> and Vorbifile are enough.

Actually, Conrad, the author of sweep, and Erik were recently talking
about efforts in the works to add ogg-vorbis and later ogg-flac support
to libsndfile via Conrad's libfishsound. See this thread:


-Eric Rz.

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