[linux-audio-dev] LADSPA proposal ...

Fons Adriaensen fons.adriaensen at skynet.be
Fri May 14 17:44:50 UTC 2004

On Fri, May 14, 2004 at 11:31:01AM -0500, Jack O'Quin wrote:

> I'm having trouble figuring out Fons' original point here, though I'm
> sure he has one.  Simple and human readable are worthwhile goals, but
> hard to reconcile.

Strange.. I'd think these two would go hand in hand...

Whit 'simple' and 'line by line' I mean

- you read in a line with fgets()
- look at the first word, a keyword that tells you all about the format
  of the line
- use sscanf() to read the rest.
> Why rule out XML?  It's one of the few widely-used language groups
> that actually sorta meets both those requirements (*fairly* simple and
> *somewhat* human-readable).  ;-)

*somewhat* if properly formatted and indented. And evven then it's
bloated. XML was one of the reasons I gave up on Gnome. After having read
the forests (a forest is a lot of trees) for weeks I still was unable
to kill the file browser permanently.

> The other examples that readily come to mind are even worse.  LISP
> appeals to me as an alternative, but that's probably not what he
> wants, either.

LISP is quite nice actually, but you'd need a complete LISP engine to
read it...

It shouldn't be that hard. All we want is a list of ports and their


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