[linux-audio-dev] Novation ReMOTE, Speedio & XStation

Nick Dowell nick at focusrite.com
Tue Nov 16 12:25:26 UTC 2004


I noticed there has been some discussion as to whether novation usb  
midi and/or audio products will work with linux:

I can tell you that the audio side of all out usb products are usb  
class compliant, so they should work with the usb audio class drivers.  
If they don't, please let me know.

The MIDI communication is not class compliant. It is a very simple  
protocol though, and should be easy to implement. If anyone wants  
information to write one we'd be more than happy to give it.


Nick Dowell
Software Team Leader
Focusrite Audio Engineering / Novation DMS

nick at focusrite.com
nick at novationmusic.com

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