[linux-audio-dev] Open firewire audio interface: A back-of-an-envelope prototype plan

smoerk smoerk at gmx.de
Fri Nov 26 14:06:25 UTC 2004

somehow a nice idea, i only see one problem:

firewire and usb audio devices are mainly used with laptops, whih 
normaly have only one ethernet port. if you have a desktop, you could 
also use a pci audio card.

what about usb 2.0 audio cards? has firewire any advantage? big 
disadvantage with firewire for x86 laptops: they mostly have 4 pin 
firewire port, so always need external power for the firewire audio device.

Bob Knight wrote:
> I want an open ethernet audio device.
> I do not want or need to deal with pci, firewire, usb.
> Use one of many controllers out there with a good embedded
> linux port and build in ethernet.  Use a TDM or GPIO type
> interface for the analog side of the world.
> TDMoE would work just fine for audio.
> One thing that linux does well these days is ethernet.
> I need a minimum of 32 channels for live recording.
> The idea would be to just suck in the ethernet frames and write them
> to disk.  Then mix them down back in the studio after the show.
> I am a noop (programmer) with a EE back ground and would glad to
> help anyone build something like this.

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