[linux-audio-dev] GNU Common C++ 1.3.0, new ccAudio2 0.1.0, ccrtp 1.1.2 released this morning

David Sugar dyfet at ostel.com
Sun Nov 28 16:10:39 UTC 2004

Along with Common C++, I also made available the first release of the 
new and much improved stand-alone (no longer requires GNU Common C++) 
version of the GNU Common C++ Audio class framework; "ccaudio2".  This 
new framework, in addition to being more portable and fully endian aware 
than it's predecessor (it builds and runs on platforms as varies as 
GNU/Linux, various BSD's, OSX, and W32) also includes a new stand-alone 
utility, "audiotool", which can do various basic manipulations with 
audio files, and a revised system for supporting audio codecs as 
plugins.  ccAudio2 still needs additional work, particularly in support 
of .mp3 and .ogg audio containers, and in getting additional codecs working.

We also had a w32 installer built using GNU GPL licensed "inno setup" 
builder which installs all three class libraries together, along with a 
new class reference manual, for those using a freedom challenged platform.

The one place all these things can be found together at the moment is:


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