Behringer [was Re: [linux-audio-user] Re: [linux-audio-dev] RME is no more]

Jan Depner eviltwin69 at
Sun Nov 28 18:53:46 UTC 2004

On Sun, 2004-11-28 at 10:15, Marek Peteraj wrote:
> On Sun, 2004-11-28 at 14:50, Tim Goetze wrote:
> > [Marek Peteraj]
> > >> RME has provided
> > >> "Pro" grade audio hardware when Linux Audio needed it
> > >> in order to become a legitimate alternative to
> > >> proprietary solutions.
> > >
> > >Not really. It was Paul, Thomas, and one other guy(don't remember the
> > >name) who did. Remember it was almost no investment from RME's side.
> > 
> > A not uncommon belief has it that the investment called 'trust' is
> > worth more than any monetary investment.
> Ah i don't know. I mean, you guys have put a lot of time into what your
> doing anyway. And in my case the trust in rme turned out to be a bummer
> just becasue i was thinking that they have trust in the open source
> developers. If they did have such trust, something like this would never
> happen. Once again, the simple answer is

	Why don't the guys who do the driver development see if audioscience
would be interested in producing pro audio cards (not just broadcast)
with driver help from the OS community.  They seem like they have their
act together.


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