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Frank Barknecht fbar at
Sun Nov 28 21:09:17 UTC 2004

Lee Revell hat gesagt: // Lee Revell wrote:

> Nvidia has a lot more valuable IP at stake than VIA when they
> release an open source driver for their 3D gear.  If you don't
> understand why, I can't help you.

I do understand this very well. Because this is the central conflict:
I will not deal with companies who hide their so called Intellectual
Property in an area where many free software developers (Jarolav,
Takashi, Paul, Miller, Linus, Guido, ...) release their so called
Intellectual Property into a freedom so that it is not *their*
property anymore but free to use for a whole community. 

As we have "Behringer" as a subject currently: "Behringer" is a
problem for "Mackie", but we here invite people into our house to
become "Behringers", and to become a "Behringer" is a good thing here.
Ardour is trying to become a Behringer for Digidesign. 

Nobody can steal free software, because they already own it. (As long
as they follow the rules as stated in the GPL etc.) IP however and
free software don't match very well together. Free software is at
least a decade older than the term Intellectual Property (read the
Wired-CD text to learn more), which was only coined as a term to fight
free property, to fight sharing, to fight Behringers, etc.

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