Behringer [was Re: [linux-audio-user] Re: [linux-audio-dev] RME isno more]

Thomas Grill news%t.grill at
Sun Nov 28 09:42:47 UTC 2004

> IMO the issue is not whether RME's concern is valid - clearly it is.
> Sorry, but arguing otherwise makes us look stupid and naive.  The issue
> is how to address this concern.  If that means a closed source Linux
> driver, fine.

I'm also happy to hear this. I've had quite some debates on the RME mailing
list and am fed up with the arrogant style there, but i'm completely
statisfied with the HDSP Multiface and it finally also works perfect under
The latest hatefilled posts on the RME list about the ALSA driver issue are
surely not helpful - let's better respect their viewpoint and find a
solution for the LAU community.

best greetings,

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