[linux-audio-dev] International Linux Audio Conference 2005 (LAC05): Call for Papers and more

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Mon Oct 4 10:40:00 UTC 2004

Frank NEUMANN hat gesagt: // Frank NEUMANN wrote:

> Additionally to this Call for Music, there will be an open stage called
> "Plug & Chill - The Linux Jam Night"
> at Saturday night (23 Apr 2005), where attendents of the conference are invited
> to perform their pieces in a less "official" context. 

This is a great idea. Last week at the pd~convention we had a lot of fun
at the pd-jam. There are pictures available here:

> Contributions to "Plug & Chill" should not exceed 10 min.

Well, we at Graz solved this in another way: No time limit, but everyone
just was playing at the same time. As you can see in the pictures, in the
end there was no audience anymore, as everyone was on stage creating an
ear damaging but mind shifting noise~. ;)

Frank Barknecht

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