[linux-audio-dev] USB sound card for Mac and PC

Pamplemousse Mk2 pamplemousse_mk2 at netcourrier.com
Thu Oct 7 18:42:47 UTC 2004

Lachlan Davison wrote:

> I use my griffin imic usb for recording my dj sets, plugged into my Ecler HAK320. It's a very nice sounding card that does 24bit 48khz, however full duplex is currently a problem with jack. Alsa and oss work fine in full duplex but jack doesn't yet. This is a problem with the alsa drivers for a few usb card that hasn't been addressed yet, though I have put a bugreport in about it and hopefully it will soon. question 1, yes, except a bit more flexible. 2. I record at 16bit 44. and am very happy with the quality of the recordings. For recording from vinyl it is much more important to have a good mixer and good needles. I use the Ortofon Elektro's (the white ones) and recommend them. Using any of the ortofon needles is a good idea especially the nightclub or elektro's. The shure whitelabels are also good. I'm guessing by your mixer you do scratching so the elektros or shures are the best bet. Scratchers should keep away from eliptical needles, ie any of the ortofon e series. 
I !
> only ever use Ortofons. I'd keep away from anything made by anyone but ortofon or shure. Don't try recording with Stanton needles...  also the mixer might make a bit of difference. 
> Hope it's all good,
> Loki

I have the Ortofon DJ'S and it is right: they are really good for common 
scratches and mixing. I have heard that Shure are the best needles for 
scratching. Thank you for your experience with the iMic. I was not sure 
it could be adapted to what I need.


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