[linux-audio-dev] Example LADSPA 2 metadata editor

Steve Harris S.W.Harris at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Fri Oct 8 15:00:43 UTC 2004

I've been giving some more thought to LADSPA 2 recently, and I've knocked
up a quick editor for RDF/NTriples syntax plugin descriptions. The schema
used is not a particularly clever one, I just rolled it as I was writing
the code, and I'm not suggesting it for real use, its just to give a
flavour of the format.


Runs in your browser (probably mozilla only - khtml may work) so requires
no software installation - its all client side too. You need JavaScript
turned on.


  Add Plugin etc. create new form sections you can fill in

  Dump text shows a (crude and incomplete) description of the plugin

  Dump RDF dumps a machine readable description of the plugin

  Read RDF parses any RDF/NTriples data in the textfield and turns it into
  an ediable form.

Example RDF/NTriples file: http://plugin.org.uk/md-creator/example.nt
paste it into the textarea and click Read RDF to see it.
Theres also a grpahical rendering of the example:
which may help explain it.

The whole deal, UI, NTriples parser, RDF engine, NTriples serialiser is
less than 600 lines of HTML+JavaScript (View/Page Source to read it), so I
think that shows that this approach can be simple enough to implement.

- Steve

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