[linux-audio-dev] Re: killer app idea

Aaron aamehl at actcom.net.il
Tue Oct 19 07:28:40 UTC 2004

So your saying the idea of rectangles might be patented??

So I might be forced to use pentgons or octagons? Maybe the color will
also be a problem....

On Tue, 2004-10-19 at 09:09, Juhana Sadeharju wrote:
> >From: Aaron <aamehl at actcom.net.il>
> >
> >1. Basically a front end to lilypond which will work
> >more like a audio program.
> I remember something like that has been discussed somewhere
> earlier.
> Well, if the rectangle on the track editor is made with audio editor,
> it is displayed as waveform or as spectogram. If the rectangle on
> the track is made with midi editor, it is displayed as matrix.
> If the rectangle is made with X editor, it is displayed as X.
> When one zooms in to these displays, they might become editable.
> (Waveform display usually does.)
> Maybe this should be mentioned in this context (before anyone
> patents all these ideas): a rectangle may have different
> reprentations and thus different display styles. E.g., if the
> original data is audio, then the another representation could
> be sequence data (midi?) generated with, e.g., wave-to-midi.
> When the audio is edited, the other representation is changed
> automatically (possibly using lazy-evaluation). If the original
> is the sequence, then audio is just renderation of the sequence
> (sort of freeze feature).
> I wanted to write about this multiple-representations because
> in graphics, Silicon Graphics (Wavefront-Alias, Maya) has a patent
> on using multiple reprentations. User-friendly for user-editing,
> faster for rendering. I invented exactly that basic idea in high
> school 10 years before they!
> So, if there are further ideas, lets hear them all now before
> the ideas are patented.
> Juhana

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