[linux-audio-dev] anyone interested to develop a new apps ?

Dave Robillard drobilla at connect.carleton.ca
Sat Oct 23 22:46:13 UTC 2004

On Sun, 2004-24-10 at 00:22 +0000, dubphil at free.fr wrote:
> Hello,
> I want to setup a sound system with linux. For this, I need an app that
> could split an audio file in four tracks in order to add them separately
> some effects.
> I tried to achieve this using Jamin which have this kind of "Crossover"
> functionnality, but it is defenetly not usable for what I need.
> The ideal application should not be too complex :
> it should be compatible with Jack and could just get a stereo channel
> for input and provides 4 stereo channels. The 4 stereo channels would be
> the result off a crossover spliting by frequency ranges of the input
> stereo channel. 
> we could give a default preset like this :
> 1st stereo channel : low
> 2nd stereo channel : low-mid
> 3rd stereo channel : high-mid
> 4th stereo channel : high 
> of course thoose ranges should also be set manually.
> each channel could have the gain controlled and could have assigned 4
> effects with LADSPA plug-ins.
> each slider or knob should be midi controlled (I know that Jack Rack
> already does this).
> Does this kind of apps should take a long time to be developped ?
> I'm not skilled to undergo this kind of project alone as I'm a poor PHP/Perl
> and little Python developper.
> Anyone interested for this kind of project ?

An entire app definitely doesn't need to be built for this.  All you
need is a ladspa plugin that can separate its input by frequency.
However there's not really much point of having one that does
specifically what you want because you can just use 4 bandpass filters
to separate the frequencies.

Right now ams would be your best bet, and there's tons of bandpass
filters for ladspa (try the blop plugins).  If you really don't want to
use ams for whatever reason, I guess you could run 4 seperate instances
of jack rack...


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