[linux-audio-dev] anyone interested to develop a new apps ?

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sun Oct 24 22:55:45 UTC 2004

Florian Schmidt hat gesagt: // Florian Schmidt wrote:

> of course you can use SC w/o emacs as you know (just use scsynth
> directly or pipe to/fro it. But there might be another option in the
> (maybe not so) distant future.. Afaik the win32 SC gui (which is not
> quote finished) is implemented in wxwidgets, so i suppose it might
> be worth pursuing porting it to linux. 

For GUI stuff, I still prefer Pd, because I'm used to it, and GUIs are
quick to build in Pd. In SC3 I'm mostly interested in dynamically
building (synth) networks, which is very hard or at least awkward to
do in Pd. Then Pd would control SC through OSC. 

I'm actually looking for an alternative edit environment for SC, so I
can bypass Emacs. I tried Emacs two or three times in the recent past
just for SC, but then I found, that in Emacs the Backspace or Delete
key (the C-h one) still didn't work as expected and I said to myself:
"No, after all these years I'm *not* letting Emacs force me to
customize the Backspace key in some .emacs file on my own. This is
just not my job, it's the job of Mr. and Mrs. Emacs. I refuse to do

I admit, I wasn't patient at all. ;) Maybe the next time I will hold

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