sc w/o emacs (was: Re: [linux-audio-dev] anyone interested to develop a new apps ?)

CK x at
Mon Oct 25 11:08:20 UTC 2004

I read:
> I'm actually looking for an alternative edit environment for SC, so I
> can bypass Emacs.

you could try august's scfront:
it's hardly as full featured but it can do the trick. As others
previously mentioned you can pipe code to sclang via stdin or 
via sclangx < /tmp/scpipe or whatever, but what you get with
emacs (and I tell you, you want it) is searchable help and 
browsing of the classlib sources. I don't think that at the 
moment it's worth writing another texteditor, if you insist you
can always write your sc code in vim and load it in emacs or 
try things like emacs vi mode


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