[linux-audio-dev] gtkmeter and threads?

Dan Mills dmills at spamblock.demon.co.uk
Sun Oct 31 17:32:06 UTC 2004

On Sunday 31 October 2004 17:13, Steve Harris wrote:

> > I remember a CVS version of JAMIN used to do something similar?
> Yeah, it still does AFAIK. I never tracked it down, but didnt put too much
> effort into it.
> It only happens if jack is not running in realtime mode.

Guess again, JAMIN just did it to me while running in RT mode, for some reason 
it does it more when the period gets shorter at least for me! 

This IS a metering issue, as far as I can see. 
Now to drink some really strong coffee then find that race....

Regards, Dan.

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