[linux-audio-dev] a question re: the MIDI spec

John Check j4strngs at bitless.net
Wed Sep 8 18:05:56 UTC 2004

On Wednesday 08 September 2004 09:34 am, Dave Phillips wrote:
> Greetings:
>   I'm doing some research for an article about Linux MIDI support. In my
> text I briefly describe the evolution of the MIDI specification since
> its adoption, mentioning things like MIDI Time Code, MMC, the sample
> dump standard, and the standard MIDI file. However, one item has me a
> bit mystified. I'm unable to ascertain whether multi-port interfaces are
> in fact described and supported by the spec. I checked the MMA docs
> on-line, and I also have the Sciacciaferro/De Furia MIDI Programmers
> Handbook, but nowhere do those sources indicate explicit support for
> multi-port hardware. Are multi-port MIDI interfaces vendor-specific
> solutions or is there actually an extension to the MIDI spec somewhere
> that I'm just missing ? TIA!

It's implicit in the design. Ports are an object. Every MIDI entity has ports.
Racking then up on any physical entity is like adding cylinders to an engine.

> Best regards,
> dp

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