[linux-audio-dev] LAC2005 Travel Wiki open again [was: Any other Berliners going to the LAC this year?]

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Mon Apr 4 10:48:03 UTC 2005

nescivi hat gesagt: // nescivi wrote:

> the LAC comes closer and closer, so I was wondering how many people
> are going there from Berlin this year. Last year, there were at
> least 10 or so, so I thought maybe this year we could consider
> traveling together, either sharing cars or taking advantage of group
> traveling by train.
> What do you think?
> Maybe you could email me privately, then I'll create a little
> Berlin-to-LAC list and then we could see if this works out some way?

I started a Wiki page again as in the years before:  

It's like a message board, but without messages: Everyone edits the
same page so please be nice. 

Feel free to leave contact data there, either if you look for a ride
or if you can offer one. 

This of course not only applies to Berlin visitors. ;)

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