[linux-audio-dev] [admin] new policy and moderators needed

Joern Nettingsmeier nettings at folkwang-hochschule.de
Sat Apr 9 17:03:21 UTC 2005

hi everyone!

after reading the thread "Other real-time options", it occurred to me 
that the strict members-only policy of this list has one huge drawback:

it makes communicating with lkml and other communities almost
impossible, since cross-posted threads will not make it to this list.

i would like to change this.

however, i'm very glad that the linux-audio lists are almost 100% 
spam-free, and i would hate to see that change.

so here a proposal for a new policy: cross-posted messages from other 
mailing lists should be hand-approved in a timely fashion, and known 
individuals working in audio-related fields get added to the illustrious 
"auto-approve" list.

unfortunately, my time is limited, so i would like to find five or so 
people who would be willing to step up as moderators. everybody raise 
your hands and say YEAH!.

if you like this idea, we should then approach the key people on lkml 
(currently akpm, mingo and con) to always cross-post latency-related 
stuff to linux-audio-dev.
this has two advantages:
  * the burden no longer rests with the few fearless individuals who 
keep preaching on lkml (kudos to paul, jack and lee ;) - everyone can 
chime in.
  * it will give the kernel preemption guys more testers and better 

please comment,


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