[linux-audio-dev] ANNOUNCE: Linux Audio Cluster

ben racher bracher at iupui.edu
Tue Apr 26 16:35:00 UTC 2005

Ralf Beck wrote:

>Features planned:
>- Host distributing tracks/control (OSC?) info for processing on nodes
>- Nodes can be Linux, WinXP, (probably OSX)
>- up to 8 Nodes per 100MBit subnet 
>- up to 32 Nodes per GBit subnet
>- roundtrip latency (audioin/host/node/host/audioout) below 6 ms
>  (provided plugs do not add additional latency)
>- nodes work at up to 4x oversampling (which does add a bit of
>  latency though)
>- support of Vst/Vsti on XP nodes 
>  (mainly used for DSP boards like UAD/Powercore), 
>- support of Ladspa/Dssi (VST/VSti through wine) on Linux nodes
>- (AU on OSX?)
>- plugin GUIs are redirected to the host through a subnet distinct from
>  the track/control net, so the ones of the XP(OSX) nodes can be
>  made visible through VNC without disturbing the audio
>Participants welcome. Discussion open.
I have been interested in trying to setup a system like this for our 
radio station for a while now. How are you planning to do all this, 
through jack.udp? If so, it'd be nice if somebody wrote a gui or 
something to control jack.udp, I was thinking about doing this, but have 
been too distracted with radio stuff to devote much time towards it.


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