[linux-audio-dev] TAP EQ problems

Andres Cabrera andres at geminiflux.com
Thu Aug 4 13:34:59 UTC 2005

Maybe it's denormal problems? You can try adding a noise generator set
to a very low level before the plugin, and see if this fixes it.
But I would think the tap plugins were denormal safe...

On Wed, 2005-08-03 at 14:47, Doug McLain wrote:
> There appears to be a serious problem with tap eq and ardour.  Given a
> session with 8 mono tracks, and 6 of them running thru tap eq, I get
> near total gui freeze and/or jack disconnection when I stop rolling or
> when moving the playhead.
> This is only when the eq plugins are actually modifying the input
> signal.  If all the levels are set to 0, or the plugins are bypassed,
> then all is well.
> Upon testing, I added eq to tracks on track at a time.  At the 4th
> track, I noticed a small GUI hang loading the eq plugin.  Sure enough,
> after setting it to a preset state and stopping playback, I got the lockup.
> Doug
> P.S. Any attempts at emailing tom directly keep getting bounced back to me.
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