[linux-audio-dev] Re: [ANN] dssi_convolve

Florian Schmidt mista.tapas at gmx.net
Wed Aug 17 21:34:52 UTC 2005

On Wed, 17 Aug 2005 20:32:17 +0100
James Stone <jmstone at dsl.pipex.com> wrote:

> Problem with libconvolve: doesn't automatically create libconvolve.a with
> resulting problems from ld not being able to find it.
> I had to manually do:
> ar cru libconvolve.a libconvolve.so.0.0.4 
> ranlib libconvolve.a (not sure whether this is needed??)

Hmm, weird. i didnt know this file was needed for dynamic linking
against it. Is this in some way distribution dependent? Isn't a .a file
a static lib? why would ld complain if this file didn't exist?

> cp libconvolve.a /usr/local/lib
> Oh, also while I am on the subject of bugreports, your
> libconvolve.0.0.5.tgz is actually a tar file, not tar.gz

Right, fixed that along with the target name :)


Palimm Palimm!

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