[linux-audio-dev] WONDER Status, Mac Port

nescivi nescivi at gmail.com
Sun Aug 21 11:01:42 UTC 2005

Hello Stephen,

Saturday, August 20, 2005, 10:44:43 PM, you wrote:
STP> I'm looking into porting SWONDER 2.0.5 to Mac OSX 10.4.
STP> I noticed that it requires Qt 3.X installed the old way (libs rather
STP> than Mac frameworks).
STP> Has anyone updated it to Qt 4.0?
STP> Is there already a Mac port (and xcode project) available?

I once tried to install it on a Mac and in principle this works.
The only problem is, is that the convolution engine, BruteFIR, does
not work on Mac, as far as I know.

There has not been an update to Qt4.0 yet.
I don't expect to have time for that either, but would appreciate any
help there (or in other places of WONDER).

In the next week I will release the new version 2.0.8, where I
restructured some more of the code, which makes the program more
stable, and makes it possible to also create other interfaces (for
example a text-based interface) to it.


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