[linux-audio-dev] Radio Scanner Recorder

Jonathan Woithe jwoithe at physics.adelaide.edu.au
Mon Aug 29 00:10:45 UTC 2005

Hi Guillaume

> I'm a in the process of making a police/EMS/fire radio recorder. ...
> However, I started thinking and found that it would be better to have a 
> different file for each segment. For example, if there is
> - 45 seconds of speech, followed by
> - 3 minutes of silence,  followed by
> - 2 minutes of speech
> I would get two files, one 45 seconds long and one 2 minutes long.
> Does such a program allready exists, and if not, what would be the 
> best/easiest way of doing it?

Although it uses the OSS API, you might like to take a look at
batchrec-1.2.0, available in source-form only on my website at


There's no autoconf support, but it shouldn't be difficult to get going on
any modern Linux distro, and is reasonably well documented via the "-h"
command line parameter.  It's tested and developed under Slackware.

>From the sound of your description, batchrec will probably do what you want.
The code is a little "quick and dirty" and probably needs tidying up, but it
does the job.  It's textmode only at this point mainly because I can't be
bothered writing a GUI for it at the moment.  You also get levelmeters to
monitor the level coming in.  It's OSS-only because for me it works, does
what I need and I've been short of time in recent months.  I have been
toying with the idea of writing a native ALSA and/or jack backend to it, but
that is probably a way off yet.

Anyway, have a look and see if it does what you need.  Perhaps contact me
off-list if you have specific followup questions.


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