[linux-audio-dev] Alsa Sequencer Raw MIDI Data

Dirk Jagdmann doj at cubic.org
Wed Aug 31 07:07:06 UTC 2005

Hello Developers,

I'm currently developing an application which should be controlled via 
MIDI. I'd like to use the Alsa Sequencer API, so I can use aconnect and 
friends to connect my app to other apps and MIDI hardware. However I 
like to get access and send the raw MIDI stream. So far I only saw code 
which use the snd_seq_event_input() call which already parsed the MIDI 
data. Is there another function which lets me access the latest received 
MIDI bytes? Or does the snd_seq_event_t struct contain the raw bytes?

---> doj / cubic
----> http://cubic.org/~doj
-----> http://llg.cubic.org

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