[linux-audio-dev] cool plugin from Waves

Christian Henz chrhenz at gmx.de
Fri Feb 4 20:05:36 UTC 2005

On Fri, Feb 04, 2005 at 07:52:33PM +0100, Jens M Andreasen wrote:
> On fre, 2005-02-04 at 15:56 +0100, Christian Henz wrote:

> > I think this is already being done. I remember reading somewhere that 
> > there is a controversy if it is actually legal to 'sample' outboard
> > reverb units (Lexicon etc.).
> Again, will this work at all? The (well-working) designs I have seen,
> all use time-modulated delays in the 'tank'. Every sampled impulse
> response would be slightly different from the previous. 

Apparently it will work: http://www.acoustics.net/ir/ir_samp.asp?ir_id=82


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