[linux-audio-dev] sbagen2?

Aaron aamehl at pop.actcom.net.il
Sun Feb 13 14:10:23 UTC 2005

Hi all,

I am trying to create a mix from a non jack application sbagen with a
bunch of mp3's.

My son who is ADD has some songs he really loves, which I have mp3s

I created a script file for sbagen to produce binaural beats but now I
would like to create a mix.

songs in one track
the binaural beats in another.

I tried sox and ecasound but sox didn't like being piped from standard
I couldn't figure out ecasound but I would love to use ardour or
rezound if possible.

how do I go about feeding the output of sbagen to a recording
application (what application should I use for this)
I don't need a fancy mix because it is for my special education child
and he won't care about quality.

I do need a way to bring this about.


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