[linux-audio-dev] ANNOUNCE: Rosegarden-4 1.0 released!

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Tue Feb 15 14:25:36 UTC 2005

Chris Cannam wrote:

Congratulations to the RG team !

Now if I can just get some sound from RG I'll be all set... I load a 
MIDI file, I click the Play arrow, the sequence starts. If I'm lucky 
I'll hear exactly one note and/or chord, then the sequence continues to 
play perfectly but with no sound at all. MIDI activity appears in the 
meters, and connections seem to be correct. I'm trying to use the 
Emu10k1 synth on an SBLive.

Any suggestions ?

System: RH9, Planet CCRMA, ALSA 1.04.

Best regards,


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