[linux-audio-dev] ANNOUNCE: Rosegarden-4 1.0 released!

André Alves Pereira andre.pereira at ig.com.br
Tue Feb 15 15:35:49 UTC 2005

Em Ter 15 Fev 2005 11:25, Dave Phillips escreveu:
> Now if I can just get some sound from RG I'll be all set... I load a
> MIDI file, I click the Play arrow, the sequence starts. If I'm lucky
> I'll hear exactly one note and/or chord, then the sequence continues to
> play perfectly but with no sound at all. MIDI activity appears in the
> meters, and connections seem to be correct. I'm trying to use the
> Emu10k1 synth on an SBLive.

I'm with the same problem... Slack 10.1, ALSA 1.0.8.

André Magoo

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