[linux-audio-dev] mux concept paper

Walco walco-audio at n--tree.net
Thu Feb 17 12:33:28 UTC 2005

Hi Mimo,

> I have put online the beginngs of a concept paper for an audio program I 
> have been wanting to write for quite a while now. I wondered whether you 
> could give me some feedback on it and share some of your experiences 
> with me. A while ago I decided to call this *mux* where the name stands 
> for nothing in particular. I have tested a couple of similiar audio apps 
> for linux recently, and then toyed around with libraries I found on the 
> net. I might be reinventing the wheel once more, but that's up for 
> discussion.. The paper is work in progress, I'm hoping to add to it 
> tomorrow night.
> Looking forward to hear back from you and thanks for any input..
> PS.: the paper is here http://mimo.gn.apc.org/mux/

First of all: nice initiative. But...

...why create a new modular audio framework, if you could
improve, harden and extend an existing one? Think of all that hairy GUI
code that you don't have to write and debug...

Another thing: I don't agree with the assessment in your paper that jack
is heavy-weight -  and I think jack is much more natural fit to your
application as jackd has xrun detection, already provides means to set a
lower samplerate and increase period size if your system can't put up
with the load. IMHO jack is the way to go if your target platform is
only Linux (or OSX & BSD), otherwise the cross-platform PortAudio may be
more appropriate.

Just my two euro cents ;-)


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