[linux-audio-dev] mux concept paper

mimo mimo at restoel.net
Thu Feb 17 13:42:44 UTC 2005

James McDermott wrote:
> oh - you wrote miXo - of course. (i wrote a peer machine or two.) go buzz devs!
> i think everyone who's ever used buzz for more than a couple of hours
> wants a new, stable, cross-platform version. (and there are *loads* of
> re-implementation projects, including at least one linux one.) i even
> have some semi-formed plans myself...

..want to go into more detail?
>>A lot of time is spent on finding the processing order. But this only
>>needs to be done once in a while.
> i'd be very surprised by that (i haven't looked at any code though).
> surely it's a very light task, computationally? i'm thinking that if
> the machine network is represented by a tree, just a depth-first
> search through the tree gets you the right processing order?
hmm..., maybe you right. I had something working about 2 years ago -- 
then called muzz :) -- and that spent most of it's time doing that tree 
thingy. But it was probably a bad way of doing it in general.. there is 
alos this thing about inputs and outputs or more general connectors and 
how to handle the logics behind them..


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