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Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Fri Feb 18 19:35:49 UTC 2005

Paul Davis hat gesagt: // Paul Davis wrote:

> but IMHO, you should be looking at Beast or gAlan or ALSA Modular
> Synth, or SSM or ... not starting from scratch.

And Pd, which is the oldest and probably most capable and stable of
all the available graphical softsynths running on Linux. It also has a
dsp graph inside, which is quite clever, but indeed it can lead to
dropouts if you create a lot of objects at the same time, as the dsp
graph needs to reorder itself. However live patching is possible in Pd
and it is done by a lot of users. 

Regarding the live capabilities of Pd, let me tell you a recent story: 

Last weekend we did an improvisation gig in my town, where ten laptop
artists, most of them running Pd on Linux (seven, and one running
Max/MSP on OS-X, two running Supercollider on OS-X) were playing
together for a really long time (about an hour, but some participiants
just couldn't stop... ;)

All machines were synchronized through OSC messages coming from my
machine sent to broadcast addresses, one main machine with Pd on Linux
was receiving all the other machines' audio data through its RME card
and then doing spatialization with them in Pd which fed 16 speakers
with sounds running over 8 independent paths (which were in turn
controllable by everyone involved through OSC again). This was quite
an impressive setup, and Pd did not fail on a single box through the
whole performance. 

Oh, and some people were also doing video art with their Pd/Linux

Can Buzz do all this?

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