[linux-audio-dev] linux.conf.au Audio Miniconf

Conrad Parker conrad at metadecks.org
Sat Feb 19 03:41:54 UTC 2005

This is a reminder, as the closing date for submissions is soon.

Please do not confuse this event with the Linux Audio Conference (LAC)
in Karlsruhe, Germany, which is on during the same week. There may or may
not be video streaming or teleportation between the two. There are
kangaroos in Australia.



Linux Audio Miniconf at linux.conf.au (LCA2005)
April 2005, Canberra, Australia


This mini-conference is part of linux.conf.au (LCA2005), Australia's
national Linux conference. Participants of this mini-conference must
register for LCA2005; the conference web site is http://linux.conf.au/

The Audio Miniconf comprises technical sessions during the day, and an
opportunity for jamming and musical demonstrations in the evening at
a local pub. This call for participation is for the technical sessions.

Suggested topic areas include:

  * Linux for Digital Audio Workstations and musical instruments
  * low latency and reliable audio in the Linux kernel and userspace
  * systems for connecting music, processing and control hardware
  * core Linux audio subsystems: Jack, ALSA, LADSPA, etc.
  * software synthesis and sequencing applications
  * recording, editing and mastering applications
  * audio file formats and codecs
  * streaming and network services for audio
  * telephony and speech technologies
  * usability of music and audio applications

Presentations must relate to Free and Open Source software and/or
open standards. The suggested duration of sessions is 60 minutes; this
may be varied according to the needs of each topic.

If you would like to present a technical session, please mail a brief
abstract (100-300 words) to audioconf-cfp at metadecks.org by February 20 2005.

This mini-conference is being arranged by Conrad Parker (Sweep project)
and Erik de Castro Lopo (libsndfile, Secret Rabbit Code), with venue and
other logistics provided by the organisers of LCA2005.


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