[linux-audio-dev] Multichannel sound ?

robinud at volja.net robinud at volja.net
Tue Mar 1 13:52:01 UTC 2005


How does one use the extra channels on a six channel card ?
I can only hear the 2 front speakers.

I remember on a es1370 card, that I had an extra /dev/dsp1 for the rear speaker
pair, but with an on board VIA audio there is only one /dev/dsp.

I also tried playing a 6 channel sound file with sox, but still only the front
speakers make sound.

Any clues ?

HW is VIA 8235 + Realtek ALC650
kernel 2.6.8-debian
driver is OSS via82xxxx ( I'm willing to switch to ALSA, but a quick look says
it is the same there ).

Ideally I would want a second stereo /dev/dsp1, that would produce sound on the
rear speakers.

Thanks for any help,

Varno. Enostavno. Vredno. Internet dodatne storitve.

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