[linux-audio-dev] Any interest in DVD-Audio?

oliver oli smoerk at gmail.com
Fri Mar 4 14:56:12 UTC 2005

Alfons Adriaensen wrote:

> BTW, do you know the exact status of MLP ? Is patented and do we know 
> how it works, or is it a 'trade secret' ?

I was quite sure that MLP is patented, but I couldn't find the patent. 
Meridian Audio at least filed a patent application and it's licensed by 
  Dolby world wide.

I'm not sure if MLP could be patented in Europe for the use in software. 
  I wouldn't care to much about patents. AFAIK there are no legal 
problems, if you distributing the sources. But I'm not lawyer. Maybe 
they define MLP as copy-protection and threat you with the DMCA.

I guess the Lame guys should know. They are dealing with the same 
problem, aren't they?

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