[linux-audio-dev] IUPUI Student Radio Station should be based on Linux

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Fri Mar 11 11:57:07 UTC 2005

>I'm starting a student radio station at IUPUI in Indianapolis, Indiana 
>and I want our entire audio infrastructure to be based on Linux. I've 
>got a rough sense of all the apps we need and what apps to setup on 
>which computers, but I thought I'd run the blueprints by you guys to see 
>if you could give me any feedback.

I take it that you've checked out the very cool looking software from
Salem Radio Labs already.

>if this is possible, but that's why I'm mailing you guys. One department 
>has kindly donated a brand new Dell Poweredge Dual Xeon 2.4 ghz somethin 
>or other. The rest of our computers are from the university junkyard of 
>midgrade PowerPC G4s and Pentium 3s. So the Poweredge is our gem 
>computer out of all the other crappy computers. Is there any way for me 
>to set up the speedy new poweredge as some kind of audio production 
>renderfarm, and get the PPCs and the Pentium 3s to connect to it as 
>production terminals? Cause, although multi-tracking on the G4s and 

anything wrong with X Window?


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