[linux-audio-dev] ALSA OSS Emulation and emu10k1

Romain Beauxis beauxir5 at cti.ecp.fr
Sat Mar 12 18:51:05 UTC 2005

Hi all!

I managed to get half of the work with a custom .asoundrc file:
"pcm.prear {
    type plug
    slave.pcm "rear"

pcm.dsnopp {
    ipc_key 1027
    ipc_key_add_uid true
    type dsnoop
    slave.pcm "hw:0,0"

pcm.skype {
    type asym
    playback.pcm "prear"
    capture.pcm "dsnoop"

pcm.dsp1 {
    type plug
    slave.pcm "skype"

ctl.mixer1 {
    type hw
    card 0

Then I got an alsa pcm device that uses the Wave Surround as an output, mapped 
to /dev/sdp1 when running under aoss.
I tried to record from the dsp1 with sound-record (oss recorder) and that 
worked fine!

BUT: skype doesn't support aoss... :-/ 
I thought about lauching it with artsd but I need TWO devices: /dev/dsp(0) as 
the ring device and /dev/dsp1 as the phone device and artsd cannot handle two 
devices, as far as I know...
How can I manage to use the skype device as an OSS device under skype?

Then the second trick would be to set the Main volume controle from skype (and 
dsp1) as the Wave Surrount control.
Couldn't find anythong on this, except for an OSS device, BUT I don't have 
any /proc/asound/oss card dsp1 since it emerge from aoss... :-/

What params can the ctl section use (I couldn't find any)



> Hi,
> I was wondering, is it possible to assign /dev/dspX devices to the 
> secondary and tertiary PCM devices on an emu10k1?
> I have a SB Live! Platinum with LiveDrive IR. The stereo out is connected 
> to my regular set of speakers. The surround output is connected to an 
> earphone headset, it's mic is connected to the mic input on my sound card.
> Also, another microphone is connected to the mic/line on the LIveDrive.
> Now, I use skype, which is closed source. It uses OSS devices and aoss will 
> not work with it. I would like to have a /dev/dspX device that records from 
> the mic input and plays back to the surround output, so that skype, and 
> skype only, will use the headset.
> The headset works fine in alsa mode and alsa apps can use it perfectly well.
> I tried all /dev/dspX and /dev/adspX devices, to no avail. I tries aoss 
> with .asoundrc modifications, no luck. I even read the driver source, but 
> I'm not really conversant with the structure of the driver and couldn't 
> find anything useful. It would take me forever to figure it out from the 
> source code.
> Is it possible, maybe with module parameters, to make alsa do this? Would 
> it need a patch, if yes, does someone have one? If no, what would have to 
> be done where to make that work?
> Melanie
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