[linux-audio-dev] OSC-Question

Dave Robillard drobilla at connect.carleton.ca
Wed Mar 16 17:24:55 UTC 2005

On Tue, 2005-15-03 at 21:12 +0100, Arnold Krille wrote:
> Hi all,
> after some of the latest discussions about audio-apps without gui, my head is 
> filled with giving JackMix[1] OSC-Support and perhaps splitting it into a 
> text-based / osc-based server doing the mixing and a gui...
> So my question arises: Which OSC-implementation to use?
> I had a look into Steve Harris' liblo and libOSC++. The later seems more 
> appealing to me since I am a C++-Guy.
> What do you folks think? What do you propose? What are you using?
> Arnold
> [1] http://roederberg.dyndns.org/~arnold/jackmix/

Definitely use liblo, no question.  It's actually in active development
(libosc++ is stale as can be), and is generally the OSC library for
linux audio things to use (IMNSHO).  In other words, most people have
it, or will soon enough (it's in Debian, and libosc++ is not, for the

I use it for GUI->Engine (and back) communication, and all is well (and
yes, two clients can control the engine and see each others updates and
all that - it looks pretty cool ;] )

Plus, liblo is going to get ZeroConf service discovery and other such
shiny things Real Soon Now(TM)


P.S.  Death to MIDI! :)

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